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Bill Veits 

"I met Zach through a referral from the owner Amber at Zen'd In. I've been through numerous massage therapists and physical therapy type professionals with zero releif for my severe elbow tendonitis and neck/trap pain. I Powerlift at the Pro level and it's imperative that I am healthy during a training cycle or my performance suffers. I had been suffering for three years watching my lifts go backwards until I met Zach. Within two visits my tendonitis had vanished and with the third visit I was handling heavier weights than I had in the  previous three years. He listens to me and my needs and worked diligently piecing together a plan that eventually unlocked ALL my pain that was holding me back. I look forward to each and every session now because I am able to compete at a higher level with Zach's expertise. I highly recommend you seek him out if you're suffering like I was."

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